...the ultra-lite Trotting Boot that replaces hind brace



This boot was developed by premier trotting trainer Henry Wilson. He states: "There is nothing better than the new wrappers. This is the first boot you should start your young trotters with. Plus you may jog your older horse or race your trotter who rarely touches."



1. No more time-consuming jobs of using brace bandages, and does most everything your old brace bandages do.

2. Fits closer, offers the ultimate comfort for your horse, and offers total free movement of your horse.

3. Soft and pliable, with Lycra lining comfort.

4. Comparable or better protection then brace bandages.

5. Lightest trotting boot on the market.

6. Extra lightness helps trotters who tend to be pacey.

7. Pastern attachment wraps around and helps to eliminate your horse from hitting under the speedy cut.

8. Even pacers may use them.

9. May be used as shipping boots.

10.Does not absorb water.

"I really like the boots called 'The Wrapper'. The first horse we used them on was CR KAY SUZIE in the Breeders Crown. We now are using them on her in Italy. As most horsemen know, I'm not one to use boots, as I have always preferred bandages. Most boots get hard and will chafe the horse. These boots are soft and conform to the contour of the leg. When the horse is traveling they never stick out and cause interference. Unlike leather boots, they will not absorb water when racing in an off track.

"Rod and I both would strongly recommend the use of these boots."

USTA photo

---Carl Allen

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