For many years Iíve had horsemen ask 'Protecto Man, why canít you make a whip that will last and give good service to the horsemen?'

Why donít we make a horse whip that will not only help horsemen but also help and Protect the horse?

I decided it was time to make a whip which has many features and still compete with the low prices of Chinaís whips.

Over the past three years, I have made many different styles of whips and have had Florida and Michigan trainers testing them.Through the failures Iíve learned how to make a whip better and more humane for the horse.

Even though the whips are strong enough to withstand the impact from concrete walls, the tips will now absorb impact and not hurt the horse like all other whips which leaves welts and nasty marks.

The power of hitting the horse can only be controlled by the driver, but the Whipper Snapper will surely help decrease the hurting of the horse.

Other options are that you may separate the whips for easy travel. You can put the long Training or Driving whips into your travel bag or tack trunks. When youíre ready to use the whip, just join them together.

Also Whipper Snapper makes many more styles of whips which may be used for other type of pleasure horse use.

I canít guarantee that the whip wonít break but it will take more effort to do just that.

When I was a young kid, I was always trying to build things to make horse racing better and safer. Many horsemen always called me a young whipper snapper. I thought it was appropriate to name my new whip, the WHIPPER SNAPPER.

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