For over half a century Protecto Horse Equipment, Inc., has lead the way in developing new and exciting products for you and your horse.

We always maintain the highest standards with quality being Number One in our requirements. We strive to make the Best Products at the lowest prices. Horsemen have been putting their trust in Protecto's trademarks and patents for all these years.

We have world champions using our Harnesses, Hopples and Horse Boots, because they are the best! Don't associate cheapness with our low prices. Give your horse and pocket book a break! TRY our products and see if we are not right.

All of Protecto's boots are DIFFERENT from any other boots on the market! Protecto's boots breathe and give with the natural movements of the horse's legs, thus allowing greater Freedom of movement for your horses.

Protecto's products are known world wide, on all the continents and just about all the countries. Volume sales in Australia, New Zealand, Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe and even in Japan markets are proof positive of Protecto's high standards of quality.

Now with the vast amount of products Protecto produces, such as Racing Harness, Hopples, Horse Boots, Breathe E -Z, Magne Sweats, and so many more products, Protecto's products are still produced in the U.S.A. and Canada using U.S. and Canadian labor.

We at Protecto will always put the Horseman first and will continue our proud leadership in the marketing of our horse products.

Al G. Terwilliger
Kentucky Colonel

Myra G. Terwilliger
Vice President
Chief of Foreign Sales
Al G. Terwilliger
Chairman of the Board, President
Elizabeth Mc Kenzie
General Manager


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