P-35 Magne-Knee Boot
Protecto's Magne-Sweats


Glen Garnsey Award (U.S Trainer of the Year)
Six-Time Canadian Trainer of the Year
Canadian Horseman of the Year
Hall Of Famer

P-32 Magne-Pastern Boot

P-31 Magne-Bell Boot
Robert McIntosh

"What makes Protecto's Dual Action Magne-Sweats stand out above the rest is the double-working action. One action is through the sweat action and the other is through the magnets. This dual action increases the blood supply to the affected area by bringing the much-needed nutrients and oxygen to speed up the natural healing process. I've seen immediate relief and healing with my horses.
   "One other thing I've noticed since using this product is that it reduces the frequency of having to inject the problem joint, thus making it cost efficient.
   "This product works great. If you give it a chance, you will see what I'm talking about."

P-33 Magne-Ankle Boot
A Neoprene foam sweat boot with Multiple Strong Magnets.

P-36 Magne-Hook
How Magnetic Theraphy Works

When the bloodstream passes through the magnetic field created BY THE MAGNETS TOUCHING THE SKIN, a small current is created. This current stimulates the circulation of blood, lymph, nerve and electro-magnetic force and improves chemistry, and so promotes the health of every cell in the body.

Information adapted from An Overview of Miomagnetic Therapheutics by Edward A. Hacma, D.C. January 1991.

P-34 Magne-Tendon & Ankle Boot

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