Important Information about

Breakage of magnets is completely normal and does not hinder or reduce their effectiveness!

  1. Do not use during exercise, bathing, or acute untreated infections.

  2. Should not be applied to:
    Acute injuries (always cool the injury first)
    Any injuries less than 48 hours old
    Near open wounds
    Areas that have been trated with paints, alcohol, liniments, or D.M.S.O.

  3. After each use hand rinse the Magne-Sweat with cold water. Make sure to wash the sweat off the horse after each use to prevent blistering.

  4. Periodically examine your animals when you are using Magne-Sweats to avoid the possibility of blistering the area (especially during hot weather)

  5. As magne-Sweats work differently on each animal, it is the total responsibility of the trainer or responsible party for the use of these Magne-Sweats.

  6. Protecto Horse Equipment, Inc, its officers, and its employees are not responsible for any adverse condition for improper use of the Magne-Sweat. Protecto offers NO guarantee on said product.

If you are using the Hock-Magne Sweat or the Knee-Magne Sweat please use stall bandage on the horse's leg to prevent the magne-Sweat from slipping.

Since the Magne-Sweats cause a hot, healing action, your horse may try to bite or tear off the Magne-Sweats.
Put a Bib on your horse.
No guarantee for any damage to your Magne-Sweat.


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