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The Head Pole Hitch may be used on either side of the harness and may be reversed for an outside hook-up. The above pictures show an inside hook-up which is the normal hook-up.

Two (2) Methods of Installation

1st Method - Quick Release
Slide the hitch slot down over the terret. (You might have to press hard.)
Determine what hole you should install the hitch pin in for a snug fit.
Most American harnesses use the hole that the hitch pin was installed in when purchased. International harnesses have smaller terrets making it necessary to install the pin in the other hole.
(Flipper flips only one way.)

2nd Method - Permanent Hook-up
  If you decide to use the Head Pole Hitch permanently on one harness, you may screw the terret throught the hitch, screwing the terret into the harness. Do not over tighten.
Press and screw in terret

  If you have a head pole strap on your harness, make sure you remove strap before installing.
Warning: Be sure to screw in terret through both girth and straps.
Terret screwed in

  There are a few international harnesses that have larger terrets. The second method is the only method to fasten the hitch.

It is easier to install the headpole if you first fasten the back part of the headpole over the hitch and then attach the front stem to the halter.
Now install in harness

Our hitch fits excellently on the modern-day head poles. However, be sure to check the size of your head pole slots in the back of the head pole. Some slots in a few of the older style head poles are too small to accept our Head Pole Hitch. You may rework the slots making the slots wider allowing the hitch to fit.

Hitch pin replacements are available at most hardware stores. The size is #222 SteelHitch Pin Clip; wire size .062 - 1/16"


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