If you're Crooked

P-85      GO STRAIGHT!      P-85

with Protecto's new GO STRAIGHT


  1. Place Go Straight around the horse's neck (see illus.2). If your horse uses a buxton, place it under the Go Straight

  2. Fasten the chest strap loosely so you don't pull the plastic tubing.

  3. Bring the plastic tubing under the horse's elbow and insert the strap in the first or second hole of the Quick Hitch. Bring the strap under and over the shaft and back, hooking the strap into the buckle. (see illus.1)

    illust.1 illust.2
    Remember -- the straighter the hook-up strap (up and down) the better it will work for you.

    A. The plastic tubing should fit (lightly snug) under the horse's elbow. (Bungee cord may show just a little strech at this time.)

    B. Make sure that the hook-up strap with the bungee cord is in front of the Quick Hitch and not behing.
    (see illus. 1)

    C. Also the hook-up strap with the bungee cord should be as straightup and down as possible. (see illus.1)

    If you have too much slant in the hook-up strap, it will not turn the horse's elbow out far enough which still allows the horse to still hit his knees too hard.

    D. After your first and second warm-up mile and just before you race, make sure you check that the plastic tubing is still snug enough under the horse's elbow.

    You will have to experiment as to how snug you will want to set the tubing to each individual horse. On some horses you may want to draw up from lightly snug to medium snug.

    E. Never over tighten by over streching the bungee cord. (Tighten per instruction 3A) When the driver sits in the sulky, the bungee cord will stretch even more. If you overtighten the hook-up at the beginning, the driver will then over torque the bungee cord.

  4. Re-fasten the chest strap.

  5. Go Straight may be used with HOPPLES. The hopple hangers go over the Go Straight. (see illus. 2)

Care and Maintenance
1. Make sure you wash or wipe clean the plastic tubing after each use so it doesn't collect dirt which will chafe or burn your horse.

2. Periodically you may put a light coating of mineral oil(may be purchased at any drug store) on the plastic tubing. Wipe off excess oil. Never use baby oil or hopple oil.

3. On regular basis the bungee cord should be visually inspected. Never overtighten the bungee cord. Bungee cords are a replaceable item and you may want to replace them during your regular safety inspection. If a bungee cord is worn or broken you must replace the cord immediately before using again.

4. We recommend you return the unit to Protecto for repair as approved safety and quality parts must be used.
Call (586) 754-4820 for the cost of replacement bungee cords, parts and shipping.

NOTE: Never cut or mutilate safety straps. These allow for extra protection in case the bungee cords break. Safety straps will keep the Go Straight still fastened safely to your horse.


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