Patent # 7,111,589
To install the Breathe E-Z, you need to know about the two chambers,
upper (false nostril) and lower (breathing nostril), in a horse's nose.
The Breathe E-Z is installed in the false nostril.

To Install -- Stand in front of horse.

Step 1.
  Step 1. Secure horse in cross ties. Then stand in front of the horse, grab the nostril and pull outward toward you. Pulling outward will stretch the skin allowing a larger opening for the Breathe E-Z to slide into the upper chamber (false nostril). Some horsemen prefer to put water on the Breathe E-Z before installation. This makes the Breathe E-Z slide into the nostril easier

Step 2. Fig. 1.
  Step 2. While holding the nostril with one hand, take the Breathe E-Z by the handle with your other hand and put the rounded end of the Breathe E-Z into the nostril while pulling the Breathe E-Z up and outward toward you at the same time. By pulling outward as you pull it up, allows a larger opening of the false nostril which permits the Breathe E-Z to go deeper in the upper nose cavity.

Step 2. Fig. 2.
Step 3. The Breathe E-Z should be straight up -- not pointing sideway.

Note: Sometimes the Breathe E-Z does not go completely up into the false nostril and it hangs oput a little. This is okay; just fasten the safety cord. After a while the horse's nostril will relax allowing the Breathe E-Z to be pushed further into the false nostril.
Step 3.

Step 4.
  Step 4. Also note that the clip should be in the inner-upper corner of the nostril to help lock the Breathe E-Z into the false nostril. You should not notice anything unusual except the clip on the outside of the nose. The safety cord is used to prevent loss.
NOTE: Safety Cord. The main function of this cord is to avoid losing the Breathe E-Z if it fell out of the nose cavity.

This safety cord should be attached straight up to the race halter one or two times and then clip back on to the safety cord.
Safety Cord
Step 5. Reverse procedure for the other nostril.

When Breathe E-Z first installed into the horse's nose, it may cause the horse to blow repeatedly. This will loosen and dislodge dust, mucous and other particles from the airways. Dislodging these substances will increase your horse's breathing capacity.

It may take you and the horse time to learn how to install the Breathe E-Z. Once you get a hang of it, you'll install the Breathe E-Z instantly. After 2 or 3 days most horses will have adapted to the Breathe E-Z. Some horses, who have bad breathing problems, actually look forward to using this Breathe E-Z.


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