The Bridle is #1.
It fits perfectly - so many times have I had a bridle that didn't set well on the horse's head.
Once again you have proven to me that you are always thinking and improving our business.

Thanks so much.

Ernie Gaskin
Attention Protecto
Blind and Kant See Bak Bridles

      I have tried both bridles and they both do exactly what you said they would do. They take the pressure off the ears and the crown molds to the horses head perfectly. Every horse I have put them on seems somewhat more relaxed and does not fight the bridle as they did before.
      The throat strap contours to the position that it should be. The cupped out blinds stay away from the eye but still works as they should. No laying right against the eye ball. The Kant See Bak stays flat against the cheek like they should and does not come off the cheek when you have to take hold of the horse.
      I noticed that my horses who wear ear plugs are now putting their ears forward and back as they want to with what seems like no pressure from the back of the ears to stop them from moving them more freely. All of the new design that you have done with your new bridle, plus the nose strap, seem to be much needed improvement. The material remains to be determined at a later time, but I can see no reason that it won't be better than any material before.

Terry Colvin

      We had a horse go down on the track the other day, and she was wearing the PROTECTO Harness with the Swivel Hitch. You cannot imagine how twisted and upside down she got herself. Without the Swivel Quick Hitch, we would have had to cut the harness off her. The harness took the worst beating you can ever imagine, and it survived without a scratch, and the bridle stayed on and still checked up. UNBELIEVABLE. No one could believe it without seeing it.
Great harness.
John Jackson, Illinois

Attention Protecto:

It's not only that you get the Swivel Quick Hitches but it's also the Whole harness. It's the way the Saddle, the Breast Collar and Bridle all fit and the length and Feel of the Lines, that make this the best harness I've used.

Henry Wilson has trained horses for over 35 years.
He trains strictly trotters and had a driving average of .470 in 2001, the highest of any driver with over 100 drives.

Henry and Lynn Wilson, Wilson Stables

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