Protecto Now Offers 2 Great Harnesses

Eight Ways To Buy Your Harness


U.S Patent No. 6,698,168

Available with Swivel or Standard Quick Hitch

Our top of the line saddle now being used by Hall of Famers all over the world!

Many Horsemen Say...
"Fits better on my horse than any saddle I have ever used."
"The saddle does not put excessive side pressure on my horse, allowing him to move and breath easier."
"The saddle doesn't rub or scuff the sides of my horse."
"Since the 2001 saddle is made from the same plastic material as Protecto's horse boots, the saddle will have the same amazing long lasting wear as the knee boots."

Ultra Lite Harness

Available with Swivel or Standard Quick Hitch

For the horse man who wants the lightness and top of the line quality with low prices!

Buxton - Soft Touch or Nylon
Has more adjustments than others. Will fit small and large horses.

Synthetic Crupper
Regular - Small
Has extra long strap, for adjustments to small and x-long horses.

Soft Touch, Nylon or the New Draw Tight for the pulling horse. All have SS Double Rings.

Quick 8 Racing Halter
SS Double Rings helps control hard pulling horses.

Shaped Synthetic Girth with elastic ends
Medium - Large

Soft Touch Racing Lines
Now...three ways to by our lines
1. 1/2 nylon and 1/2 Soft Touch
2. All-Soft Touch (most popular)
3. 1/2 Soft Touch and 1/2 leather

Our lines are longer than most. They will fit all size horses. 3/8" stainless steel billet end for safety.

Neoprene Girth
Regular - Small
Soft Lycra next to the horse.
Both styles of Girth have 1" SS Double Bar Roller Buckets and 2 SS Dees for hookups.

Hand Holds
Now....2 types of hand holds
Soft Touch or Leather
12" long
Bridle, Blind, Open or Kant-See-Bak
Nose band is adjustable in 6 places, chinstrap for holding bridle in place, and extra adjustments for the overcheck strap, allowing to fit small to x-large horses.

Bridles, Buxton, and Tie Down available in Black or White colors.

Tie Down Strap

Fleece or Nylon Saddle Pads
R/20" pad
L/40" pad

Waffle Saddle Pad
R/ 27 1/2" X 5 1/8" pad
XL/ 48 " X 5 1/8" pad

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