Protecto *Goggs
(May be used with or without glasses)

A new one piece lens goggle that fits over your prescription eye glasses

Widest wrap around peripheral
vision with no parting lines to
obstruct your vision.

No Struts or frame to obstruct
vision giving 100% visibility
for greater safety and comfort.

Visor stops glare from
the overhead race track

Very little, if any, distortion
or reflection.

Impact resistant plastic lens

Doug Ackerman
"I've been using the old bubble style goggles
for forty years and they never quite did the
job. The new Protecto Goggs fit comfortably
over my glasses with excellent peripheral
vision and clarity. I would highly recommend
Protecto's Goggs to anyone who wears
perscription glasses."

Lightweight, cool, and comfortable

Down angle lens allows close fit to your cheeks so dirt, mud, and stones don't come underneath the goggles to hit your eyes or glasses. Great protection for prescription glasses.

The lens is protected by anti-fog hard coat. When entering a warm barn from the cold air outside, you will be convinced that this is an excellent feature, especially if you have a hard handling horse.

2 Lens Colors
Clear and Dark

Head Poles and Burrs

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