Instructions for Butt Plug

"Butt Plug" for the Standardbred Harness Horse Racing Horse or Any type of Driving Horse

This device is inserted into the horse's rectum to assist in tightening the rectal sphincter to eliminate air being drawn into the rectal colon which is very discomforting to the horse which can affect horse's performance when racing.
It is also beneficial to use on mares to keep from doing damage to their reproductive systems.
It easily works by buckling over the crupper strap, inserting plug into rectum area and fastening to the girth ring.
This Butt Plug will assist in a tight rectal sphincter for most horses thus helping to eliminate air drawn into the rectal/colon which can cause discomfort to the horse and slow it's race performance.
This will also prevent Pneomovaginaitis in mares which not only affect the mare's race performance, but also can do damage to her reproductive system.
The Plug buckles onto the crupper on the harness and fastens to the ring on the bottom of the girth.
It has several buckle adjustments for a custom fit to each individual horse.


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