Speed Up the Healing Process

*Magne-Back Pads

(with storage bag)


Biomagnetic Veterinary Pads

Protecto offers a harness with a crupper that holds six 5"x8" magnetic back pads. Each pad is adjustable in all directions--up, down, back or forward. Place the magnetic pads where injury is located.

There is nothing like this on the market

Helps reduce healing time

Helps reduce pain

Adjustable Pads

Up or Down and Back or Forward

Helps heal fractures, arthritis, circulation, bruises, Hematomas, pulled ligaments, or muscular tension

Our unique harness holds the placement of the magnets and

ALLOWS YOU TO USE YOUR OWN BLANKET if needed. Summer sheets or winter blankets will fit over our magnet back pads.

Fits almost all size horses.

Low, Low, Cost

(Several hundreds of dollars cheaper than our competitors)

Keeps your horse fit and sound.

Magne Pads

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