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  • Racing Harness
  • Rear End Spreader  New!    View Info
  • Hopple Hangers  New Styles!
  • Tropples                New!    E - Z Tropples
  • Wings - 2 Styles New!  
  • Anti - Choke  New!    View Instructions
  • Two-Way Murphy  New!    2 Styles
  • Butt Plug  New!
  • E Z Tail Wrap Tie Down
  • Multiple Hand Holds  New!
  • Super Saddle Pad
  • Knee Boots
  • <Skin Tight Knee Boots
  • Shin and Tendon Boots
  • Trotting Boots
  • The Wrapper
  • Shin Guard
  • Pastern Boot
  • Breathe E-Z
  • Go Straight
  • Go Straight Hookup Pad  New!
  • Head Poles & Burrs
  • Head Pole Hitch
  • Magne Sweats
  • Fectoids (New wraparound safety goggles)
  • Goggs (Safety goggles for people with or without glasses)
  • Spec Case for Fectoids
  • Mud Screen Visor
  • Bandage Saver
  • Ear Plugs - Harness & Shooters
  • Breaking Lines
  • Critter Curries
  • Flipper
  • Head Numbers  Attention, Racetracks!

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  • Instructions For Protecto's Products

  • Champions Love PROTECTO's
    New Harness And Bridle
  •   New!

  • Hall of Famers give Thumbs up for Protecto!

  • Hambletonian Winner YANKEE PACO and Doug McIntosh

  • Kentucky Futurity Winner uses the Wrapper

  • Trotting or Pacing - the Go Straight Produces Champions

  • Horse Journal's article about Breathing Aids. Breathe E-Z vs. Flair Strips

  • Stories of the Protecto Man
  •   New!

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